During the past few years the Detroit Zoo has put on an massive exhibition of LED lights throughout the Holiday season to provide a rather unique experience known as Wild Lights. More than five million LED lights are used to illuminate various trees, buildings and animal sculptures.  

While enjoying the light show, there was also a treat waiting in the picture above. An exhibition showcased the best wildlife photographs of the year submitted from photographers all over the world - some of these images were absolutely breathtaking.

The Arctic Circle area was represented by a couple of towering Polar Bears greeting the visitors.

This is a great event for the entire family and especially children. There is a smores station setup to create your own campfire treat along with numerous refreshments an ice carving station (weather permitting). 

All in all this is definitely something worth seeing. The vibrant illumination definitely provides a new perspective to the Zoo.  The only downside for photographers is the fact that the zoo does not open during the event until after complete darkness has arrived thereby eliminating the chance of stunning blue hour photos.