The St. Lawrence Market in Toronto, Ontario was named  the world's greatest food market by National Geographic Magazine back in 2012. The market consists of two separate buildings designated as North and South. St. Lawrence Market South consists of restaurants, bakeries, delis, meat shops as well as a cornucopia of other food sources. St. Lawrence Market North houses weekly farmer's markets along with antique markets.

Olives Aplenty

As a fan of various olives, the multitude of options at the market is simply astounding. Whether searching for the Greek Kalamata, the italian snack favorite Castelvetrano, or the Nicoise olive from the French Riviera, you can be sure whatever your heart desires will be readily available during a visit here. 

Martini Anyone?

One quality I share with all my male counterparts is my love for all things beef. Fellow carnivores will find endless options here as the market plays host to a handful of meat purveyors. Whether you prefer a filet, porterhouse, t-bone, delmonico or ribeye, you can purchase whatever cut you desire in various sizes. 

A Carnivores Dilemma

Along with enough servings of beef to put you into a food coma, fans of proscuitto will find some of the best offerings from the finest regions in Italy. Proscuitto is a dry-cured ham usually sliced thin and served uncooked. Along with this, you will also find the famous and pricey Iberico Ham which is not something readily available in most places. Enjoy it while you can.

As I continued my visit throughout the market I came upon another of my favorite indulgences, Cheese. Here at the market, all regions around the globe have found a way to pleasantly coexist. Whether you prefer a soft and spreadable brie or camembert, a pungent roquefort blue cheese, or an aged and firm Emmental swiss cheese,  this is the place to be. The market host numerous cheese vendors who will provide you with more offerings than one can possibly fathom. Although the options are endless, the journey is extremely enjoyable. 

Cheese and more cheese

In closing, any trip to Toronto must include a stop to the renowned St. Lawrence Market. Be sure to come famished since the plethora of culinary options will definitely prove to be irresistible. Although the line is absolutely ridiculous, be sure to eat at Buster's Sea Cove - it is all worth the wait. If weather permits, walk outside to the rooftop patio and enjoy the view. 

I look forward to returning here later this summer.