As a frequent visitor to the ever popular city of Grand Rapids, Michigan, one attraction which cannot be missed is the famous Frederick Meijer Gardens.  The area host numerous exhibitions, concerts, and events for members of the entire family to enjoy.  One specific item of note are the various installations (sculptures) positioned throughout the Gardens which are substituted on a regular basis.

Lying Man

This frighteningly realistic masterpiece was created by one of the most innovative figurative sculptors working today, Sean Henry. His trademark happens to be creating realistic models in contemporary clothing scaled either much larger or smaller than life-size. He utilizes drawings and clay models that are then meticulously converted into bronze.

Fans of science would appreciate the sculpture known as "Neuron" by Roxy Paine.  This sculpture is a compilation of 3500 stainless steel rods and pipes representing the ultimate transformation from industrial to art.


Deborah Butterfield's work deals intricately with horses and portraying them as intelligent mares rather than the customary war horse.  The name Cabin Creek comes from the location where the wood for this sculpture was compiled.  The wood is eventually transformed into bronze suitable for the elements of the Midwest.  

Cabin Creek

As with many gardens around the country, there is always a place of serenity allowing for solitude and contemplation.  


Nature's Majesty

Alexander Liberman was showered with critical acclaim for his paintings, photographs and sculptures. This sculpture named Aria, which is a melody sung by one voice, towers at 42 feet enabling viewers to walk around and through the work.  Aria clearly demonstrates the artist’s fondness for architecture and music.


The final sculpture of the day comes from Jaume Plensa known as "I, you, she or he…  The artist uses language and communication as theme for his installations.  The three sculptures, whose bodies are comprised of mainly stainless steel letters, are all seated on boulders facing each other, faceless, in silent conversation.  The artist is better known for his famous Crown Fountain installation in Millennium Park in downtown Chicago.

I, you, she or he...

I look forward to returning to the Gardens as there is a major expansion underway for an authentic Japanese Garden to be constructed on the property by the summer of 2015 with a Koi pond and all.