I am a general dentist by day and photographer by night in West Bloomfield, Michigan. It comes as no surprise to learn that many dentists share a common love for the discipline of photography. Dentistry and photography share several commonalities which allows one discipline to feed off the other. Interestingly enough, both fields are unique expressions of art, in one form or another. I deliver dental artistry through the sculpting of smiles while creating artistry through the lens by patiently captivating images. I am passionate about all things technology and in its implementation to improve our lives on a daily basis.

"Photography is the ultimate form of self expression.  It is through my images with which I hope to tell my story."     Hamish Carpenter

"Photography, as a powerful medium of expression and communications, offers an infinite variety of perception, interpretation and execution." - Ansel Adams


As I continue to evolve on photographic journey, I seem to be gravitating towards architecture, wildlife, landscape and nature photography.  This comes as no surprise considering my affinity for the outdoors.  I immensely enjoy experiencing new wildlife in it's environment and establishing a connection with the animals.  Picturesque landscapes and nature scenes have always resonated with me; therefore I hope to reproduce images of equal captivation.

I recently have become enamored with HDR photography which involves combining multiple exposures of a scene to produce a realistic or surreal rendition of the original image.  As I hone my skills, I will gradually provide these processed images for viewing.  As I continue to travel to various destinations, events, etc., I will periodically share my photos in the hope of bringing my experience to all of you.  Along the way I may provide product reviews, rants and opinions on today's gadgets and their application towards improving our lives.  

I envision a lifelong and satisfying journey experiencing the world through the lens - I hope you all enjoy the ride.

I can be reached for any architectural or real estate needs you may have.